Write a short note on read only memory function

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USB flash drive

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8 Read-Only Memory (ROM) Read-only memory is a memory device in which permanent binary information is stored. • The number of words in a ROM is determined from the k address input lines needed to specify the 2k words. • Why doesn’t the ROM have any. It is important to note that a function that exists in the global scope can also be called global function and a function that is defined inside a class is called a member function.

(The term method is commonly used in other programming languages to refer to things like member functions, but this can lead to confusion in dealing with C++ which.

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He was a very special man—a running (and life) inspiration to me, and I will always cherish the memory of. A USB flash drive, also known as a thumb drive, pen drive, the speed in which the USB controller device can read and write data onto the flash memory, and the speed of the hardware bus, especially in the case of add-on USB ports.

read-only memory (ROM)

Some preloaded drives are read-only, while others are configured with both read-only and user-writable. Aug 18,  · Page 1 of 8 - ReadMemory function - posted in Scripts and Functions: Its not my first time using ReadProcessMemory functions to read 4byte value in a game client at certain memory address, but i always have difficulties copy and paste this and that declaring the functions so today, i made up my mind and wrap it up together into a library functionHere: .

Write a short note on read only memory function
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