Web based writing applications

Write Here, Write Now, Write Anywhere: 13 Free Web-Based Word Processors

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With the news of Google Chrome OS being based around web apps only I think it will be interesting to see what goes into the design process for this level of app.

Web application

I have a lot of hope in fellow designers and developers like you and me will be building the next gen of OS applications:). The Best Apps for Any Kind of Writing. Thorin Klosowski. 4/17/14 am. Hemingway is a web app that highlights problems in your writing. Once you paste your text into it, Hemingway.

Not the most useful application, as it adds an ad for gOffice when you save, but a unique test-of-concept, and one I imagine will lead to more useful iPhone applications in the future. GreenDoc: Basically an online web-page editor, GreenDoc allows you to start writing and save directly to the web without logging in.

Documents stay online for. A web-based application, or web application is is an application that's "accessed with a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet".

Most webapps are deployed using a web application framework, and frequently entail the use of a database engine. But if the application is not domain based and no requirements are given, the application is a complete GUI based application then boss there are no limits of Test cases.

Because you have to make as many Test Cases as possible for a GUI based application.

Web based writing applications
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Writing Web-based Applications