Susans story

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It's Tuesday. It's Election Day here in the United States. On this Tuesday, I'm thankful for the privilege of voting. Voting is a privilege denied to many around the world, a. My name is Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., and I want to help you get Happy, Thin, and Free.

Have you enjoyed success in many areas of life, yet struggled with weight, dieting, or body image? Susie Green shares the inspirational story of her transgender daughter, who told her when she was four that she should more>> Violence After Death: Deadnaming Transgender Murder Victims.

CNN just published a print story of the voting booklet that I made for Nat for this election.

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I tried to figure out just what he would need to understand, in order to vote like a responsible citizen. I did guide him to consider being a Democrat, the same as I do for my other two sons, because it is my responsibility as their mother to make sure the actions they take have only a positive impact.

Susan 20th December, Susan now lives in England and is pictured here exactly fifty years after the events she describes above. Susie Green shares the inspirational story of her transgender daughter, who told her when she was four that she should August 29th, More Confessions of a Self-Fulfilling Prophet August 28th, Confessions of a Self-Fulfilling Prophet.

Susans story
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