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Includes enrichment activities based on the well-tried Snake-Cover-Write-Check approach to spelling. Nov 19,  · Texthelp’s excellent chrome add on Read & Write for Google Chrome is a great way for teachers to allow students of all abilities to increase their knowledge and use of meta-cognitive strategies that will allow them to become better at comprehension.

Read&Write for iPad and Android Tablets Now Available Texthelp is happy to announce the availability of Read&Write for iPad and Read&Write for Android. Nov 02,  · To put it simply, Read&Write is a comprehensive piece of software that allows you to improve your reading capacity by using your ears more than 5/5(1).

Who we help. At Texthelp, we know there’s a whole world of avid readers and fluent writers out there waiting for the right support.

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Our assistive learning solutions help people of all ages achieve their potential by understanding, reading, writing and communicating with greater ease and confidence. Read & Write Gold Version 9 Mobile - Text to Speech, Phonetic Spell Checker and Word Prediction (USB Version).

Sep 28,  · Texthelp's products include: Read&Write GOLD, Web Apps, Fluency Tutor and iReadWrite. The company remains at the forefront of innovative software development, supporting those with dyslexia and learning difficulties in learning to read, write, study and communicate with ease and independence, and the software is used widely worldwide by English.

Read write app by texthelp
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