Pyramid saimira entertains a dicey strategic option

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Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd IPO (Pyramid Saimira IPO) Detail

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SEBI attaches properties in Pyramid Saimira case

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Pyramid Saimira shareholders to get shares of production arm

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Pyramid Saimira takes controlling stake in Dimples Cine Advertising

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Dec 18,  · Complete detail of Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd IPO including IPO share price, issue date, bidding status, allotment detail, listing at BSE & NSE, reviews and recommendations/5.

Sebi to auction Pyramid Saimira ex-promoter's wife's flat

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SEBI orders to attach Pyramid Saimira promoter property The market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) issued an order of attachment of immovable property belongs to Uma Saminathan, wife of P S Saminathan, promoter of Pyramid Saimira.

In an order, Saminathan has failed to pay the sum of Rs crore in respect of Certificates dated October 9, drawn up by the Recovery Offic. Nov 13,  · pyramid saimira entertains a dicey strategic option Leisure and entertainment usually gain prominence in an economy that is growing fast and provides leeway to the consumer to spend on things other than necessities.

Pyramid Saimira, an Indian multinational entertainment company, operating in 6 countries was one of the World’s fastest growing entertainment modellervefiyatlar.comts: Motion pictures (Tamil).

Pyramid saimira 1. Pyramid Saimira Entertains a Dicey Strategic Option* LIZA DSOUZA 2.

Pyramid saimira entertains a dicey strategic option
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Pyramid Saimira IPO Details - Date, Prospectus, Allotment, Listing, Reviews & Status