How to manage college reading assignments

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How to Manage College Reading Assignments

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Time. These teachers had a "reading and writing vs. stuff" ratio that was far better balanced than is typically found in elementary classrooms (Allington, ). How to Manage College Reading Assignments 1. Always invest in buying a copy If you are a fresher at college, you will face a greater pressure of assignments.

AP’s high school United States History course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain skills colleges recognize. In my college the students are smart enough that professors assume everyone is on top of the material, so they don't test all the material, or don't test at all (this is for humanities/social science classes, obviously, given the existence of 'readings').

Therefore, whenever you are buying books related to your syllabus, try to buy new books or rent a copy from a library. 3. Break down the reading depending on the time available Suppose you have attended a lecture on Wednesday, and have to make a 30 page reading for Saturday.

You can complete It In time by breaking the assignment into three parts. Why are you reading this: what is the subject of the course, the focus of the discussion? Suppose you're reading Imagined Communities to think about nationalism: Anderson's thoughts about the relationship of nationalism to Marxist theory, while not totally irrelevant, aren't directly germane either.

How to manage college reading assignments
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How to Read in College