English reading proficiency of nurse licensure

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ENGLISH READING PROFICIENCY OF NURSE LICENSURE EXAMINEES: IMPLICATIONS FOR LICENSURE TO PRACTICE A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School University of the Philippines.

The College of Nursing and Health Professions requires a high level of proficiency in English so that all students will be able to fully meet academic and clinical objectives as well as meet criteria for professional licensure/certification. CHAPTER English 3 Advance Communication Skills Grade Point Average English A Conversational English English B Interviewing Skills in English Hypothesis There is a significant relationship of respondents English proficiency to passing nurse licensure examination in terms of age NCSBN developed the uniform licensure requirements to provide boards of nursing § A comparison of commonly accepted English proficiency examinations; reports for nurse licensure break down the number of didactic and clinical hours the applicant has © NCSBN from the Resource Manual on the Licensure of Foreign-educated Nurses.

The study is designed to measure the relationship between the English reading proficiency and the Nurse Licensure Examination status of a nursing student.

It is designed as Quantitative Non-Experimental Retrospective Case-Control research study.

English reading proficiency of nurse licensure
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